Team Penn


Welcome to Team Penn!


Team Penn would like to introduce our new Science teacher – Mr. Jose Diaz.  Mr. Diaz is replacing Ms. Pimenta, who left Pennsauken to become a nurse. The following is some information about Mr. Diaz, written by Team Penn student, Jouftens Barbel.

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to Team Penn. His name is Mr. Diaz. He was born in Philadelphia, but his parents were born in Puerto Rico. Mr. Diaz attended Temple University. He is married with three kids and he is also a musician. He has been in a band for fourteen years. This is a little background on our new science teacher, Mr. Diaz. Stop into room R-1 and say hello!



  • Locker Schedule  – Students may only use their lockers during homeroom, after 5th period, and at the end of the school day. They can visit their lockers with permission from a teacher.

    Homework Half Hour  

On Mondays through Thursdays, Team Penn teachers offer their students the opportunity to stay after school to begin their homework in a designated classroom.  

-Students will stay from dismissal to the 3:00 bus.  Students will sign-in at that day’s Homework Half Hour room and take a snack.  Students must be working on an assignment for one of their classes.  Students will be given a bus pass for the 3:00 perimeter bus.

  • Monday – R14 (Mrs. Howe)
  • Tuesday – R10 (Mrs. Engle)
  • Wednesday – R12 (Mrs. K)
  • Thursday – R12 (Mrs. K)

Academic News

  • Mrs K and Mrs. Howe are ready to begin Collection 4 with their classes.  Collection 4 covers the argumentative essay and persuasive speeches
  • Mr.  Rodgers is having his students create political cartoons based on life in 1770’s.  
  • Computer Labs G9 and G14 are OPEN Monday thru Thursday each week from 2:30 – 3:00.  Students can take the 3:00 perimeter bus home
  • We are very excited to have new Language Arts and Math curriculums this year!
  • Language Arts is available to the students as a text and an online ebook.
  • Mathematics is available to the students online only. (Please speak to Math teacher about access)

Students “Destined for Greatness”


The following two students exhibit all of the characteristics of exemplar students – strong academics, leadership, good character, and participation in extracurricular activities:

  • March 2016 Kevin Nguyen and Daphne Kallelis
  • February 2016 Ian Pierre-Louis and Jillian Rivera
  • January 2016 – Anthony Orzechowski and Rylie Rivera
  • December 2015 – Parker Derosier and Reese Mabolis
  • November 2015 – Cameron Fuller and Tatiana Matos
  • October 2015 – Daniel Freire and Jazcenya Gonzalez
  • September 2015 Ore Adebanjo and Roselyne Grullon

Student Recognition

  • We are pleased to announce that the following Team Penn students have won Student Recognition Awards for the month of


  • Most Improved – Ana Quezada
  • Reader of the Month – Alysia Murray
  • Conscientious Student – Maurice Lusby
  • Mathematician of the Month – Austin Dahl
  • Historian of the Month – Lizjane Fontanillas


  • Most Improved – Zaire Pitts  
  • Reader of the Month – Henry Huynh
  • Good Character – Qwa’zhere Edwards
  • Conscientious Student – Alexa Georges-Reyes
  • Mathematician of the Month – Lynn Tran
  • Historian of the Month – Ethine Rivera
  • Athlete of the Month – Qwa’zhere Edwards
  • Spanish Class Student of the Month – Alex Collazo


  •        Historian of the Month – Alex Collazo
  •        Good Character – Jeremy Rodriguez-Garcia
  •        Conscientious Student – Daphne Kallelis
  •        Most Improved – Isaac Caban and Jordan Granger
  •        Role Model – Jada Jenkins


  • Most Improved:  Maya Truitt and Alexangel Nunez
  • Good Character: Bryanna Marcellus
  • Scientist of the Month:  Parker Derosier
  • Mathematician of the Month:  Tien Nguyen
  • Historian of the Month:  Daniel Tran


  •        Most Improved – Yasmin Cruz
  •        Good Character – Jessica Simpson and Natasha Barrett
  •        Conscientious Student – Rylie Rivera
  •        Scientist of the Month – Kevin Nguyen
  •        Historian of the Month – Vicky Huynh
  •        Chorus Student of the Month – Carmen Figueroa


    Historian of the Month – Melisa Ibarra

  •        Good Character – Reese Mabolis
  •        Conscientious Student – Leishmillie Cedeno and Tatiana Matos
  •        Most Improved – Tyanna Chism
  •        AIM Student of the Month – Natalia Lozano


  •        Historian of the Month – Roselyn Grullon
  •        Good Character– Ashley Cartagena
  •        Conscientious Student – Jillian Rivera
  •        Reader of the Month — Ciara Carver
  •        Mathematician of the Month – Jonathan Matos
  •        AIM Student of the Month – Izzy Gadson

Upcoming Info/News

  • PARCC testing on April 20th, 21st, and 22nd in the afternoon for our team – remember to have your independent novel with you to take to the testing room.  No Homework Half Hour:  April 21st/May 4th/May 11th
  • Spring Concert,  May 17th
  • 7th grade trip = May 23rd or 24th.
  • No school Friday May 27 – Monday May 30th
  • Music trip to Dorney Park – Friday June 3rd
  • Gold Card Event – June 7th – listen in homeroom for information!!!
  • **Make sure you are working hard to earn those Phifer Bucks!  You can redeem your bucks on Fridays during lunch in the school store.**